Field Notes Book

Field Notes Book Cover

Order your copy of Field Notes from the Montana Natural History Center today!

After two years of hard work (not to mention ten years of dreaming beforehand) to put together a book-length collection of Field Notes from our long-running program on Montana Public Radio, Caroline Kurtz and the Montana Natural History Center are thrilled to present Field Notes from the Montana Natural History Center, showcasing 134 Field Notes written by 112 contributors over the past 25 years. The book also includes dozens of drawings by naturalists in our community and cover and section illustrations by the talented Stephanie Frostad.

With topics ranging from birds to geology to insects to mammals and more, Field Notes from the Montana Natural History Center is a perfect gift for your children, parents, friends, and family! Purchase price is $25, with all proceeds going to support our natural history education programs. Purchase your copy at MNHC or place your order here!

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