Join us for a collaboration between the Montana Natural History Center and the Missoula Symphony Orchestra in our four-episode video series, Nature’s Notes! We will explore the connections between music and some of Montana’s most beautiful, natural music and sounds in nature.

In these videos, designed for families and kids aged 5 -12, you’ll hear all about our favorite instruments, listen to an orchestra, learn about the natural world, explore a nature activity, and even practice making musical instruments of your own! We will release a new episode each month, showcasing a different connection between instrument sections of the orchestra and sounds of nature in Montana.


Episode 1: Wings & Woodwinds

In our first episode we’ll explore connections between woodwind instruments and the sounds of Montana birds. Learn how birds can make more than one sound, how sound passes through instruments, and the beauty of how different birds and instruments sound when played together! In this episode you’ll also build your own woodwind instrument and a glider to fly through the skies! 

Straw Pan Flute Activity  |  Paper Glider Activity

Coming soon:

Episode 2: Trumpets, Trombones, and Bears, Oh My! – September 2020

Episode 3: Drumming, Humming, and Thrumming – October 2020

Episode 4: Strings, Streams, and Pizzicato Springs – November 2020

While our Nature’s Notes series is free of charge, we ask that you kindly consider a donation for the download and use of these activities and videos. Our staff from the Missoula Symphony Association and the Montana Natural History Center are hard at work developing content, and your donation goes a long way toward creating these exciting new programs.

All donations will be shared equally between the Missoula Symphony Association and the Montana Natural History Center.

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