Using our natural history exhibits, interactive discussions, and hands-on activities, MNHC naturalists provide a guided program for your group.

Schedule your visit! Call 406.327.0405 or fill out our online form.

    Museum field trips for all ages take place year-round at the Montana Natural History Center. We schedule programs Monday – Friday between 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. based on naturalist availability. Please contact us well in advance to secure your date and time!


    The following prices include admission to the museum for all students in the group as well as for teachers and chaperones. For the best educational experience, we ask that groups larger than 30 be split into smaller sections. If our fee structure presents a problem for you and your school, please contact us. We are happy to work with you as much as we can to provide access to your students.

    • Up to 10 students: $50 per group
    • 11-20 students: $70 per group
    • 21-30 students: $90 per group

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    Choose from the following hands-on lessons:

    • Animals in Winter
    • Bird Beak Bonanza
    • Montana Ecosystems and Animals
    • Nature Journaling
    • Seed Dispersal: Engineering Challenge
    • Skull Detectives

    All of these topics, as well as custom naturalist experiences such as guided nature walks, can also take place at a location of your choosing through our Traveling Naturalist program.

    Click here for more information about our field trip curriculum, including alignment to NGSS standards.

    Schools are responsible for their own transportation and must be accompanied by at least one teacher from school. We request at least one chaperone for every eight students. Chaperone admission is included in the program cost. MNHC reserves the right to cancel or shorten any Museum Field Trip if the group arrives late. Museum Field Trips should be booked at least three weeks in advance to ensure an open date.

    Fill out our online request form, or, to learn more, call 406.327.0405.