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Montana Naturalist is a full-color, 28-page, educational magazine published two times a year (spring equinox and fall equinox) by the Montana Natural History Center and distributed free to members, school groups, and the community at large. Along with a calendar of events and MNHC news, the magazine contains feature articles about the flora and fauna of Montana, their ecology, habitats, and conservation issues. There are also short articles about Montana people and organizations engaged in nature education/conservation, space for photography and creative writing, and a Get Outside Guide aimed at younger readers and families.

Much of the content for Montana Naturalist is generated by MNHC staff, but we welcome (and, in fact, depend on) contributions from the community. If you have an idea or a piece of writing, artwork, or photography that you would like us to consider, please email it to Allison De Jong, Editor, at adejong [at] MontanaNaturalist [dot] org. Our feature pieces typically range from 500-2000 words (no submissions over 2000 words, please). We kindly ask that you read a few issues of Montana Naturalist before approaching us with manuscripts or queries. Email submissions are preferred, but if you need to mail a hard copy, please send to:

Allison De Jong
Montana Natural History Center
120 Hickory Street, Suite A
Missoula, MT  59801

No material printed in the Montana Naturalist may be reproduced without the written permission of the Montana Natural History Center.

Questions or comments? 
Please contact Allison De Jong, Editor, at adejong [at] MontanaNaturalist [dot] org or call 406.327.0405.

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If you enjoy the articles and photos in Montana Naturalist, you can help us continue to celebrate Montana’s natural heritage by becoming a subscriber. Subscriptions are $10/year; subscribe here. Your donation will go directly to supporting the costs of producing the magazine. Thank you!

Business owners: Advertising in Montana Naturalist is a great way to support the Montana Natural History Center and its mission to promote the appreciation, understanding, and stewardship of nature through education. Advertisers also receive recognition in our visitor center and a link on our website. For current ad rates and specifications, please click here or email adejong [at] MontanaNaturalist [dot] org.

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