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The Montana Natural History Center’s museum encompasses the flora, fauna, and natural history of western Montana. Our museum exhibits and art gallery take about 30-45 minutes for adults to explore, and we’re kid-friendly! Between our children’s microscope area, exciting touch tables interspersed throughout the museum, our hands-on Naturalist Lab, and our ever-popular Kids’ Discovery Room, there’s much for your little ones to discover!

We are located at 120 Hickory Street, Suite A, Missoula, Montana, near the Osprey Baseball Stadium and Currents Aquatic Center, on the Kim Williams Trail. Just look for the big green and brown building with the gorgeous dragonfly mural–you can’t miss us!


Adults: $3
Children 4-18: $1
Children under 4: Free!
Family Rate: $7
MNHC Members: Free!


10+ kids: $1/child, adult fees waived
10+ adults: $2/person
Please call ahead to reserve the best time and date for your group visit.

Montana ecosystems exhibit at the Montana Natural History Center

Explore Montana Ecosystems: Montane Forest, Intermountain Foothills, Prairie Grassland, and Sagebrush Steppe

Discover Montana’s four main ecosystems, from prairie to montane. View our mounted specimens, including bison, bears, birds, and badgers. Learn about the importance of riparian habitats and about how pronghorn evolved on our prairies, and enjoy the wonderful biodiversity of our state.



Naturalist corner at the Montana Natural History Center

Explore as a Naturalist

What is a naturalist? What does a naturalist do? Discover the answers to these questions and more in our Explore as a Naturalist exhibit–and take the opportunity to practice your own naturalist skills!





Explore Glacial Lake Missoula

Learn about the huge lake that filled the Missoula Valley and beyond millennia ago, including floods that repeatedly scoured the landscape from western Montana to the Pacific. See the path of the floods, pick up a map of a driving route that visits several Glacial Lake Missoula landmarks, and watch a video about the Great Floods.



Explore Fossils

View a life-sized replica of a Tyrannosaurus rex skull on loan from the Two Medicine Dinosaur Center and learn about a collection of fossils from various geological eras–from thousands to millions of years ago–from the University of Montana Paleontology Center and the private collection of Sherri Lierman.


Pollinator exhibit at the Montana Natural History Center

Explore Pollinators

Come learn about insects and other animals that pollinate our flowers!  Learn how to garden for pollinators, and check out butterflies, feathers, and other specimens under a microscope.





Wildland Fire Ecology exhibit at the Montana Natural History Center

Explore Fire Ecology

Fire is a natural and necessary part of our western landscapes. Learn about how wildfire has shaped our forests, how mountain pine beetles fit into the ecosystem, and what animals and plants benefit from fire.





Explore Geology

Learn about Montana’s wealth of rocks and minerals–from copper to agate to quartz and more–with a collection put together by Eagle Scout Parker Hall from the Hellgate Gem and Mineral Society.



Kids Room

Explore Our Kids’ Discovery Room

This room is just for kids! Curl up with a book, play games, perform an animal puppet show, and explore our touch table. Have fun with rocks and blocks, or see if you can identify all the native species in Melissa Madsen’s beautiful mural!



Naturalist Lab at the Montana Natural History Center

Explore Our Naturalist Lab

Our lab is great for kids and adults alike! We have nests, skulls, rocks, insects, microscopes, paper, colored pencils, and so much more. Come in to explore, learn, and get up close with some of the amazing specimens in our collection! Available September-May.