The Montana Natural History Center’s museum encompasses the flora, fauna, and natural history of western Montana. Our museum exhibits take about 30-45 minutes for adults to explore, and we’re kid-friendly! Between our children’s microscope area in the Naturalist Field Station, our T. rex skull replica, and our ever-popular Kids’ Discovery Room, there’s much for your little ones to discover!

Montana Ecosystems

What is Montana like? It depends on which part you visit! As you travel from one side of the state to the other, you’ll pass through prairies, mountain ranges, rolling hills and valleys. Explore Montana’s four main ecosystems, from prairie to montane. and view our many mounted specimens, including bison, bears, birds, and badgers. This exhibit includes the Salish names for the animals and birds we have on display. Click the links to read and listen to them in Salish!

Glacial Lake Missoula

Learn about the huge lake that filled the Missoula Valley and beyond millennia ago, including floods that repeatedly scoured the landscape from western Montana to the Pacific. See the path of the floods, pick up a map of a driving route that visits several Glacial Lake Missoula landmarks, and watch a video about the Great Floods.

Montana's Ancient Past

Step back in time to prehistoric Montana! You might find yourself floating in a shallow sea, sloshing through a murky swamp, or sliding around on vast sheets of ice. Montana’s rich fossil record represents nearly every major time period in Earth’s history. Take a journey through geologic time and discover how fossils tell the story of Montana’s ancient past—and paint a picture of the future.

Kids' Discovery Room

This room is just for kids! Curl up with a book, play games, perform an animal puppet show, and explore our touch table. Have fun with rocks and blocks, or see if you can identify all the native species in Melissa Madsen’s beautiful mural!

Naturalist Field Station

What is a naturalist? What do naturalists do? Our Naturalist Field Station answers these questions and more! This exhibit showcases naturalists at work with a rotating focus on the naturalist as an artist, scientist, and writer.

Our current feature is Bozeman writer and visual artist Kelsi Turner Tjernagel. Kelsi makes art as a way to observe, delight in, and steward place. Stop by to read some of Kelsi’s favorite authors, learn tips for your own creative writing, play with language to make your own scene, and more! This exhibit will be up through fall 2023.

Nature Adventure Garden

The Nature Adventure Garden, on the east side of MNHC between the river trail and our building, is designed to be a play area that is almost entirely free of traditional structures. In lieu of swings and typical playground equipment, it features boulders, hills, shrubs, and the natural structure that the research links to creative and healthy play.


Adults: $5
Children 4-18: $2
Children under 4: Free!
Family Rate: $10
Seniors: $4
Veterans: $4
MNHC Members: Free!
ASTC Travel Passport Members: Free!
EBT Card Holders: Free! through the Museums for All initiative (must show EBT card and photo ID).


10+ kids: $1/child, adult fees waived
10+ adults: $2/person
Please call ahead to reserve the best time and date for your group visit.