FUN-ology: Seasons Make the World Go ‘Round

Through a special collaborative endeavor with Montana’s Office of Public Instruction (OPI) Indian Education for All Unit, MNHC staff created these three science lessons for grades 3-5 that align with Indian Education For All essential understandings in an effort to make the lesson more accessible and inclusive. This collaboration was made possible through Indian Education for All grant funding.

Visit the OPI website, and see more Indian Education Classroom Resources from art to language arts to science to music.

FUN-ology! Seasons Make the World Go ‘Round:
A Three Lesson Unit – 3-5 Earth and Space Science

Lesson One: What can air temperature data tell us about the seasons in Montana?

Lesson Two: How do seasonal rounds record weather data?

Lesson Three: Connecting seasonal rounds to seasonal weather patterns and the organisms we observe.