STEEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Environment, and Math)

The STEEM Program provides middle school girls with a professional mentorship opportunity while simultaneously building their confidence and competence in the sciences. 

The Summer Institute focuses on a different STEEM topic each week. The week is spent building trust, confidence, and courage in the fields of science, technology, engineering, environment, and math. Activities include hands-on experiential learning opportunities with leaders in STEEM fields, practice in science communication, and setting personal goals for professional and academic careers. 

2023 Camp Info:

This year, we have expanded our programming to include four weeks of camp! 

  • June 19-23: Sustainability
  • July 10-14: Limnology
  • July 24-28: Forestry
  • August 7-11: Wildlife

Cost: $230 for members, $250 for non-members

Duration: 9:30 am – 3:30 pm*

*Some camp weeks may have an overnight element. 

Please feel free to contact our Camps Coordinator, Alyssa Giffin, if you have any questions.

Location: Camps will meet at the Montana Natural History Center and visit different labs and locations around Missoula.


Apply for a STEEM scholarship below:

MNHC Summer Camp Scholarship Request 2023
(example: Amber, 2nd grade; Alex, kindergarten)

Read what participants and parents are saying about STEEM!

“It is super fun! This group is so amazing and inspiring. STEEM has really helped me reach a ton of goals!” -Zoe, 2019 Cohort

“I would say that you should be a STEEM Sister because it is overall a lot of fun and you learn a lot, but your teacher chose you for a reason so just try it.” -Ella, 2019 Cohort

STEEM has been such an amazing aspect of my life in the last few years, and has helped me become the person I am today. The friends I have made, and the skills that I have learned will be with me in the future, as well as all of the amazing memories I have made with this group. I hope that the STEEM program will be around for other groups of girls my age to enjoy, and learn from.” -Eliza, 2019 Cohort

“You can meet some other girls that might be going to school with you and you can have lots of fun and learn at the same time.” – Caroline, 2019 Cohort

“I developed the skill to talk in front of people I don’t know and I got way better at writing.” – Dylan, 2019 Cohort

“If every little girl in the world had the opportunity to experience the evolution of growth and confidence the STEEM Sisters are, the world would be a better place! “

-Janie, STEEM parent

How can I help? 

This program is offered to participants at a low cost. Please consider making a donation to support the STEEM Program! 

Would you like to serve as a mentor or expert in the field?

Please contact Alyssa ( to learn more about how you can become involved. 

Meet our STEEM Sisters:



2019 Cohort

Dylan grew up in Missoula, MT. She loves to ski, boat on the lake, and float on the Clark Fork River. She also loves to do art and play softball with her sister.

Dylan’s 2019 Capstone Project on Flight

Dylan’s 2020 Capstone Project on Mental Health



2019 Cohort

Eliza loves being a part of the STEEM program, even though she is now participating virtually due to a move. She enjoys the outdoors, spending time with friends or family, and reading. Thanks to STEEM, Eliza is very confident, and has enjoyed all of her time with the group!

Eliza’s 2019 Capstone Project on Flight

Eliza’s 2020 Capstone Project on the Science of Light

Eliza’s 2021 Capstone Project on Sustainability



2019 Cohort

Ella has learned so much through the STEEM program and had a lot of fun meeting experts in the field that are helping the world. She’s already planning to return as an intern when she graduates middle school!

Ella’s 2019 Capstone Project on Flight

Ella’s 2020 Capstone Project on Sustainable Architecture

Ella’s 2021 Capstone Project on Sustainability



2019 Cohort

Zoe really loves science, and being creative. The other thing you should know about her is that she is very weird.

Zoe’s 2019 Capstone Project on Flight

Zoe’s 2020 Capstone Project on Sustainable Businesses

Zoe’s 2021 Capstone Project on Sustainability



2021 Cohort



2021 Cohort

Rhea loves to read, bike, dance, hang out with her best friend, and annoy her younger sister.