img_4196A trip outdoors, whether it be a walk to the grocery store or a hike up a mountain, brings up questions for keen observers. Where do magpies nest?  Why doesn’t a spider stick to its own web? How do water striders keep from sinking?  These questions and more are answered weekly on Field Notes.

Field Notes are natural history essays produced by the Montana Natural History Center (MNHC) that air on  Montana Public Radio (KUFM, 89.1 FM), on Sunday afternoons at 12:55 p.m, Tuesday afternoons at 4:54pm, and Friday afternoons at 4:54pm.  The pieces highlight observations of the natural world, ranging from concealment postures of owls to the short, hungry life of a water shrew.  The program has been on air since 1992.


Interested in learning more? Interested in writing a Field Note?
Contact Allison De Jong, Field Notes Editor, at adejong [at] montananaturalist [dot] org or 327.0405.

Click on the links below to listen to sample Field Notes:


“Plant Sex” by Camille Barr

“Bison” by Tom Torma, read by Allison De Jong

“Clark’s Nutcrackers” by Megan Fylling

“Swallowtail Larvae” by Jon Sprague


“Trout Fishing” by Valerie Bayer


“Wildlife Poo” by Camille Barr

“Sharp-Shinned Hawks” by William Gross, read by Caroline Kurtz


“Bird Migrations” by Andrea and Don Stierle, read by Andrea Stierle

“Chickadees in Winter” by Justin Bailey

“Chinook Winds” by Edward Monnig

“Golden Eagles at Rogers Pass” by Russ Van Paepeghem

Sundogs” by Ron Scholl, read by Allison De Jong


“Thermus Aquaticus” by Camille Barr

“Yeast” by Micah Sewell