Summer Camp Scholarship Application

Apply now for scholarships for 2019 Summer Outdoor Discovery Day Camps!

The scholarship pre-approval period runs through March 1st. We highly encourage you to apply before March 1st for the best chance at receiving a scholarship and the camp session(s) you want. After March 1st, you can still apply for scholarships, but you may not receive your award notice before camp registration opens on March 15th. Scholarships are awarded based on need and funds available.

Those interested in a partial camp scholarship must:

1. Fill out the scholarship request form below.

2. For those applying during the scholarship pre-approval period (until March 1st), we will review your form and contact you by March 12th to award your scholarship before camp registration opens March 15th.

For those applying after March 1st, we will review your application as soon as possible and will contact you within a week of receiving the completed form.

3. If you are awarded a scholarship, you are still responsible for registering your child for camp online (starting March 15th) and paying the remainder of the camp fee (minus any scholarship). Your child is not registered until you sign them up and you pay the rest of the camp fee. Please contact MNHC if you have any questions or concerns about being able to register the morning of the 15th, or the registration process in general.

Registrations in camps are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Summer Camp Scholarship Request 2019
(example: Amber, 2nd grade; Alex, kindergarten)
(Including rent/mortgage payment, bills, and other expenses)
PLEASE NOTE: MNHC’s scholarship funds are limited. We will do our best to fulfill requests, but in order to make our camps accessible to as many children as possible, we may be limited in the number of scholarshipped sessions per child that we are able to grant.

In submitting this form, you attest that the information provided is true to the best of your knowledge.

Note: MNHC has limited scholarship funds and does not grant full scholarships for any program. Please be aware that, while we try to do our best to make camp accessible to everyone, we have limited scholarship funds, and we may need to adjust your award amount or number of camps from what you request.

Registration is confirmed ONLY when camp registration is completed and payment (minus the approved scholarship) is paid in full.