Nature Discovery Traveling Trunks

Nez Perce Discovery Traveling Trunks:

Bring some history into your classroom with the Nez Perce Historical Trail Trunk! Through three different sections, this resource describes the traditional lifestyle of the Nez Perce. This trunk offers hands-on lessons to provide students with an opportunity to explore the life of a United States soldier in this time period, allows students to learn about the Nez Perce war, and what ultimately happened to the Nez Perce in the war’s aftermath.

The trunk includes traditional Nez Perce crafts, games and stories, as well as some military clothing, and gear. There are also two videos that give two different views of the 1877 war and flight of the Nez Perce. The rental of this trunk is free and for a limited time, MNHC will cover all return shipping costs for the trunk (unless it’s picked up/returned in person) while funding lasts. Free return shipping will be available on a first come, first serve basis. This hands-on lesson was developed by the Library of Congress.

Suggested grade level: 4-5

To request the Nez Perce Traveling Trunk please contact us at or call us at 406.327.0405.

Most of our traveling trunks program have been discontinued. Questions? Please contact Jennifer Robinson, Director of Education and Programs, with any questions.

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