Virtual Science School

Our Virtual Science School is continuing to add programs to our catalog. These hour-long interactive nature-based lessons support Next Generation Science Standards and draw your students into the world of natural history! Topics range from dendrochronology to topography maps. Check out the listing below for the current offerings. Make sure to sign up for updates as we will be continuing to add more programs to the menu!

Each program includes a virtual field trip to a unique, natural Montana destination.

The following workshops are open for enrollment:

Where the Wild Things Live: An Ecology Adventure

Why would a little brown bat and a Great Gray Owl live in the same place? What does a forest have in it that the things living there need? How do all these creatures find what they need to live? Students will join a virtual naturalist for an action-packed journey deep into the montane forest to find these answers.

Digology: A Paleontology and Geology Adventure

Do rocks have secrets? How is dirt similar to cake? Did Montana always have cold winters and warm summers? What types of fossils can we find in Montana? Students will join a virtual naturalist to explore how geologists and paleontologists work together to learn about Montana’s past.

Out of the Woods: A Dendrochronology Adventure

Can a tree grow around a bike? Can trees tell a story? How do scientists look inside of a tree that is alive? Let’s go inside of a tree to find out more. Students will grab their Naturalist Notes and accompany a virtual naturalist from the Montana Natural History Center into the forest to figure out what structures are inside of a tree that help it grow and survive.

Topo Trip: A Cartography Adventure

How can you squish a mountain? How does 9,000 feet become a few inches? Why do people need maps? Students join a virtual naturalist from the Montana Natural History Center to explore the basics of cartography by building their own landform and translating it layer by layer into the beginnings of a topographic map!

Each workshop includes:

  • A 1-hour interactive session hosted through distance learning at your school
  • Flexibility to set the program time and date, based on your schedule
  • Printables and lesson plans that include preparation on teacher’s end
  • Access to a short video that reinforces lesson basics (with most lessons)
  • Learning designs constructed to support Next Generation Science Standards

Session requirements:

  • Strong internet connection
  • Projector
  • Computer with integrated or attached webcam and mic on students
  • Speakers
  • Test tech with program coordinator at least 24 hours prior to chosen session time
  • Lots of curiosity!