Virtual Science School

One hour programs that are centered around nature based topics and incorporate Next Generation Science Standards and Montana Science Standards to help teachers incorporate the latest trends in education.

Each program includes a virtual field trip to a unique, natural Montana destination.

The following workshops are open for enrollment:


Milltown Dam Exploration

This program will give students a closer look at the impacts we have on our surroundings and the ways we are working together to sustain our natural areas and even improve our current conditions.  Students will take a virtual field trip to Milltown State Park to see the efforts that have been made to restore this beautiful land as well as participate in a small project to evaluate his or her impact on the land.

Birds as Pollinators

This program will not only allow students to learn about the importance of pollinators but also the unique pollinators that often times overlooked.  Students will participate in a friendly competition to see how they match up against some of the great bird pollinators in our world.

Each workshop includes:
  • A 1-hour interactive workshop session hosted through distance learning at your school including virtual field trips to various locations around the state.
  • Flexibility to set the workshop time and date, based on your schedule.
  • $45 fee (scholarships available).
  • Material that is appropriate for kindergarten through 6th grade teachers and students.
  • Curriculum aligned to Montana Science Content Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.
  • Introduction to a wide variety of tools, online resources, and interactive media to use with your students.