Educator Workshops

Through the use of green screen technology and Polycom Video Conferencing equipment, we can deliver live, interactive professional development workshops across the state of Montana. Our instructors work directly with you–and your schedule–to coordinate virtual training sessions that can take place right in your school.

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The following workshops are open for enrollment:

imageInvestigating Montana’s Weather and Climate using 10 Exceptional Teaching Techniques

This program will provide 10 unique and engaging teaching techniques to utilize in your classroom that focus on Montana’s ever-changing weather and climate. These techniques will incorporate many progressive forms of technology that will attract students of all ages and will help to enhance your existing weather and climate unit. Teachers will gain a basic overview of Montana’s weather and climate while focusing on alternate methods of delivery.

unnamed13 Lively Approaches to WOO Your Students with Montana’s Flora and Fauna

This course will allow teachers an opportunity to gain 13 lively and distinctive approaches to dig deeper into the vast flora and fauna within Montana! These tactics will foster creativity, encourage movement and promote higher-level thinking within your students and boost their interest for the natural world around them! This program provides a general overview of Montana’s flora and fauna with a greater emphasis on teaching strategies.

rocks-191985_960_720Exploring and Unearthing the Geology of Montana’s Landscape

This course will provide teachers with a basic background of geology including rock and mineral identification, overview of the rock cycle, and the geologic history of Montana based on rock identification. This course also incorporates engaging activities on mining and fossils. Throughout this program, teachers will benefit from the instruction of expert and local geologists as well as advance their resources for teaching this content within their classes.

Each workshop includes:
  • A 2-hour interactive workshop session hosted through distance learning at your school.
  • 2 OPI renewal units in Science.
  • Flexibility to set the workshop time and date, based on your schedule.
  • Unlimited number of participants per school allowed for a $40 site fee (scholarships available).
  • Material that is appropriate for kindergarten through high school teachers and students.
  • Curriculum aligned to Montana Science Content Standards.
  • Introduction to a wide variety of tools, online resources, and interactive media to use with your students.

The Exploring Montana’s Ecosystems ID Nature workshop series will provide educators with curriculum and support for integrating natural history study into the classroom while meeting Montana State Science Standards. Workshops are available to educators through the Polycom Teleconferencing System.  To request a workshop, fill out our online form.

Thank you to the following for support of the ID Nature Program:

The Lewis L. Borick Foundation
The Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation
The Drollinger Family Charitable Foundation

Meet Amy Howie, the ID Nature Coordinator!  Through ID Nature, she can provide your school with training and support no matter where you are located with no extra travel costs.

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Check out testimonials from past ID Nature teacher participants!

“I got a lot out of the whole workshop, but the most valuable to me was the overview of the technology applications.”

“All of the content was relevant to my teaching and classroom.  The resources will be used and I look forward to using some of the lessons as an extension of the VNS program.”

“I really enjoyed the collaborative atmosphere during the class where teachers were able to share their ideas.  I especially liked the discussion on journal activities and the wide variety of useful web tools that were covered.”

“Teachers always need resources, so this course was extremely helpful in the compilation of quality and very user-friendly places to turn.”

“Amy was very organized, energetic and engaging.”