Members-Only Discovery Day at Lee Metcalf

Saturday Discovery Day

download-1Join MNHC staff on a members-only walk at Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge.

On this leisurely walk we will look for migrants moving south and scout the river trail for other species of interest. Porcupines have been sighted in the Cottonwoods and birds of all kinds are drawn to open water. Find sign of animals by their scat, tracks, and burrows.

This trip will involve one to several stops by open water where we will get out of the cars and view birds with binoculars and scopes. We have binoculars to borrow! We will also walk up to 1 mile (on flat ground) on riparian paths.

Be sure to wear clothing appropriate for the weather and bring water and lunch.

Because we are carpooling, you always have the opportunity to leave early or explore the area longer.

Saturday, March 18

9:00-2:00 p.m.

Free for Members!

RSVP required. Please  email

Meet at MNHC and carpool to Lee Metcalf. Or meet at Lee Metcalf at 10:00 if you are coming from the Bitterroot.

All ages welcome.

Here is a link to our Emergency Release Form: emergency-contact-information You can fill it out and bring it along, or sign a hard copy when you arrive.